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Do you need a replacement battery for your Land Rover Discovery or Range Rover Sport?

As car technology is developing, so too are the electric components within the vehicles. Modern Land Rover vehicles require consistent power and rely on the battery for the starter motor, fuel pump and engine control computer, as well as for other electrical features on the car. Your battery is undoubtedly one of the most important components of your Land Rover Discovery or Range Rover Sport.

The Land Rover Discovery car battery not only powers the vehicle so that it is able to start and run, but it is also relied upon for vehicle safety, in-vehicle entertainment and devices that provide information to the driver. Your music system, headlights and air-conditioning won’t work without your battery. In addition, drivers often rely on their vehicle to provide power to charge portable electronics, such as smartphones, tablets, and GPS devices.

Your Land Rover Range Rover Sport car battery powers all of the electronics and computers in your vehicle, so having one that is powerful and long-lasting is essential.

At Delkor, we understand the strong demands on your car battery. Our specialists can help you to find the ideal replacement for your vehicle.


Delkor batteries are specially developed by our specialists to meet the higher electrical demands of today’s vehicles. They are twice as durable as conventional batteries and to deliver consistently high performance. As modern vehicles are consistently developing, so are our batteries and we have specific products that can be used in start-stop vehicles and vehicles with regenerative braking systems.

Our batteries have been developed to meet the needs of the Australian market and can withstand the country’s harsh environment and tough operating conditions.

When should I replace my Land Rover car battery?

There is no exact science to predicting when your car battery will need replaced. There are a number of factors, both environmental and technical that will affect the expected lifespan of your battery. The conditions where you live, how you drive and how often you drive will all affect the length of your battery life, as well as the charging system in your vehicle.

As a general rule, your battery should be replaced every 4 years, but you should ensure that a specialist tests it regularly. Batteries often give out suddenly and without warning. If a specialist looks at your vehicle, they can give you an indication on the condition of your existing battery. They can also safely replace the battery for you, so that you know no other electrical components of the vehicle are affected.

For complete peace of mind, choose a Delkor Battery. Find a retailer near you to get the best professional advice for your car battery.

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