The Power is yours with Delkor®

The better car battery for Australian Cars

For more than 20 years, Delkor has provided Australians with premium battery solutions, which are built to withstand tough operating conditions and strenuous weather.

Whether you are taking to the road, getting out on the water or looking to power commercial vehicles, like trucks or buses, Delkor batteries are a reliable choice.

Delkor follows an exhaustive quality-control process and uses unique patented components, producing some of the world’s strongest batteries with ultra-high resistance against corrosion.

Wherever you are headed, do not be caught out unaware and experience the inconvenience of being stranded. With Delkor batteries - The Power is Yours.

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Delkor Automotive batteries are designed with patented unique ingredients, making them highly resistant to corrosion. The Delkor automotive battery also has a lower self-discharge rate, making it the most convenient, maintenance-free car battery that lasts up to 2 times longer.

Delkor is committed to providing Australians with long-lasting battery solutions that deliver consistent, superior power that will go the distance. Supporting this is their dedication to quality processes and products, every step of the way.

This all starts at their state-of-the-art production and research facilities, which meet the highest global environmental, health and safety requirements.

Power to go beyond

Delkor batteries are world-renowned for their superior quality and unrivalled performance. With advanced technology designed to support the Australian lifestyle, wherever your battery takes you, you can rely on a Delkor battery.

Going beyond what today beholds. The Power is Yours.

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