Over 30 years of battery expertise and a commitment to our customers and quality.


Delkor Co. Ltd was established in 1985, as a joint venture with GM, the biggest automotive company in US. In 2010, with the goal of supplying unrivalled-quality automotive batteries, we joined the world’s largest automotive battery enterprise, Clarios, formerly Power Solutions.

Today, we are known as Clarios Delkor Corporation. We supply maintenance-free (MF) batteries to global automotive companies, including Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, Honda and Nissan, to name a few. We also extended our battery provision to industrial, commercial, agriculture machinery, deep cycle and marine applications.

Giving our customers the best is the motivation behind our breakthroughs. Enjoying quality, products and service that surpass expectations – we believe, The Power Is Yours.

Our Milestones


Power Solutions separates from Johnson Controls International, LLC. to become its own entity, Clarios.


Delkor Brand becomes an endorsed brand of Johnson Controls


Integrates with Johnson Controls and is renamed to Johnson Controls Delkor Battery Corporation

2006 – 2021

Top winner of Korean Standard-Quality Excellence Awards for 16 consecutive years


Renamed company to Delkor Corporation

1987 – 2002

Acquires battery supply rights from OE car manufacturers in Korea and Japan, and continues to supply batteries to them to this day


1st automotive battery company in Korea to produce Calcium Maintenance-Free (CA-MF) batteries


Completes first production plant construction in Gumi, South Korea.


Establishes Delkor Co. Ltd

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