Now is the time to test your car battery

Now is the time to test your car battery

As winter approaches and temperatures start to fall, it is time to take your car to the workshop and get it ready for the cold season. Unfortunately, most people do not think that includes checking and maintaining their car battery.

While it is often overlooked, your battery is the real heart of your modern car.

On top of start-stop technology, headlights and indicators, your engine’s computer system and safety equipment, the continuous operation of windshield heaters, rear window defrosters, heated seats and wipers are yet another strain on your battery.

That probably explains why, more than 25% of all car breakdowns are now due to battery failures (according to National Roads and Motorists' Association (NRMA)).

Over one quarter of all car breakdowns are due to your car battery.

Delkor® Batteries Are The Heart Of Your Car

Today, your car is more reliant on the electronics inside the car than most people realise.

The role of the battery has changed. Not only does it provide energy for the ignition to start the vehicle, it is part of a complex electrical system, powering a wide range of comfort and fuel-saving functions such as air conditioning, seat heaters and start-stop systems.

Modern cars have about 50 different features that are controlled by the electronics and on top of that, another 150 electrical components that are supplied with power from the battery.

The increase in power requirements means that your car battery really has become the true heart of your car.

Get your battery tested and maintained by a professional today

Winter is usually the time when cold weather affects a weak battery – especially after a long and hot summer. Heat can considerably shorten the life-span of your battery, so by the time winter arrives, older batteries which are close to their limit may fail to start.

While it is difficult to predict how long a car battery will last. On average, a battery should last four years*, but this is dependent on a number of variables, such as where you live and how you drive, the condition of your charging system, and a number of other factors.

When it finally does give out, your car may die without any indication. That’s why at Delkor, we recommend getting your car battery regularly tested to find out your battery health.

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For 20 years Delkor has produced car batteries built strong for Australia’s harsh environment and tough operating conditions and we continue to improve our battery technology to meet the electrical demands of modern cars.

Batteries built to last, longer.

*Typically, in our Australian environment.

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